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Oct 10

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All About Orchids
Pecan Phylloxera Galls
Cleaning Houseplants
Controlling Bamboo

Oct 3

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Removing Big Trees
Planting Bare-root Trees
Saving Caladium Bulbs

Sept 26

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Tree Root Invigoration

Muscadine vs Scuppernong

Fall Vines

Fall Flower Color



Sept 19

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Ray’s Favorite Figs

Saving Tomato Seeds

Houseplant Turntable Using Marbles

Sept 12

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Planting a Scented Garden
Houseplant Care
Re-amending Soil for Earthworms

Sept 5

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Mudding Tree Roots
Basilica Orbweaver Spider
Bamboo 101
Mimosa Tree ID

Aug 29

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Bonsai 102
Lotus for a Tropical Look
Late Color in Garden
Landscape Texture

Aug 22

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Repotting Orchids
Bonsai 101
Smilax Root System
Cold-hardy Bananas

Aug 15

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The Kudzu Crown
Mexican Bean Beetles
Repairing a Lightning Strike
Moon Vine
Potting Carnivorous Plants

Aug 8

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Adaptive Tools for Older Gardeners
Growing Sago Palms
Hand Aerating a Lawn
Three Invasive Vines from Asia


Aug 1

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July 25

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Preparing a Planting Bed
Succulents in Containers
Tea/Pizza Garden in Pots

July 18

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Planting a Container for a Shady Spot
Fire Ant Control in Garden
Repotting Christmas Cactus

July 11

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Thistle Control
Best Vines for the Southeast
Squash Vine Borer Control
Pitcher Plant Bogs

July 4

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Favorite Heuchera
Bottle Bushes and Other Yard Art
Growing Edible Plants in a Small Place
Flatid Plant Hopper Identification

June 27

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Changing Colors in Hydrangeas
Medicinal Use of Herbs
Build a Floating Hydroponic Garden

    Written instructions
University of Georgia Urban Ag Cente

June 20

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Bee, Bird & Butterfly Gardening
Pruning Tree Limbs Properly
Unusual Hydrangeas


June 13

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Air-layering Hydrangeas
Agaves in the Landscape
Calanthe Orchid
Rosemary Spider Mites


June 6

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Green Manure
Espaliered Apple Trees
Witch Hazel Galls
Easy ID for Trees


May 30

Pre-empted for GPB special programming


May 23

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Favorite Irises
Thinning Peaches
Preserving Large Containers
Ferns for Georgia
Hibiscus Sawfly

May 16

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Dividing Iris

Tire Planters

Propagating Begonia

May 9

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Is the Soil Right to Plant?
Dividing/Moving Daffodils
Imported Green Cabbage Worm
Carnivorous Plants

May 2

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Lasagna garden bed

Transplant azaleas

No fertilizer near pond or creek

April 25

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Bluebird Boxes
Building a Really Raised Bed

    Instruction sheet
Pop-up Garden Hose Sprinkler
Banana Shrub

April 18

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Build a Rain Barrel
Scented Geraniums
Easter Lilies
Mint in the Garden

April 11

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Bonnie Farms Tomato Plants
What Kind of Lawn Grass Do You Have?
Rejuvenation Pruning of Azaleas
Container Gardening forButterflies
Ants Farming with Aphids

Apr. 4

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Care for Mailorder Plants

Pruning Azaleas

Make a Patio Pond




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